The Adventures of Halle and Haley

As i have talked about before.. me and my little cousin Halle have quite the bond. She is a total goof ball and i think she is the cutest thing ever. If you recall, she is the one that loves to send me emails. well since we were together during Thanksgiving break, we got some pretty cute pictures.. and all of them come with quite the story behind the scenes. Anyway.. enjoy!

Me and Halle the first night we got there.. She was the first one to welcome the Hansen's to San Diego.. she came sprinting out the door and jumped into our arms!

Halle loved stealing my blanket that Ben made me.. she would say.."but Haley its so soft!"

Halle loves setting up pictures.. "haley you do this.. and i'll do this.." She is adorable.

We loved writing our names in the sand using the same 'H' to start each of our names.. kinda like a crossword. she thought it was the coolest thing!

Once again.. this is a picture that Halle set up.. "Haley you look at the camera and i will look at you." i absolutely love this picture!

"Word!" - Halle's favorite saying..

Halle is quite the little trooper when it come time to the Ocean! she loves the beach!

"let me see your tongue!"

she says the funniest things.. seriously i don't know how she comes up with the things she says..

This is Savvy. She is Halle's older sister. Boy are these two peas in a pod! Their personalities go perfectly together and i love watching the way they interact. They are the two sweetest little girls you will ever meet! I love the Dixon clan and can't wait to see them at Christmas time!


  1. Sooo jealous of that gorgeous sunset and the beach! I am so glad that you were all together on Thanksgiving. Maybe one day, the Andrizzis will be able to join the party. Hope all is well with school and we will see you at New Years. Be safe.

  2. Ava and I are looking at blogs while Noah is sleeping. I showed her your picture and she said "it's Hay-a-lee!"

  3. Love this post Haley!!! We miss you so much and but am so glad we get to keep up with you and your adorable blog. The girls and I LOVE reading it. You are the best. Love ya.


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