i know this may sound weird but i LOVE Halloween. It is seriously one of my favorite holidays. So needless to say i was super excite   ............oh wait until i found out that i worked Friday til close (11) and saturday til volume (just whenever it stops being busy). I didnt think it would be too busy on saturday considering it was a holiday that is
 celebrated mostly at night... BOY WAS I WRONG!! we were packed! and i was MAD!!

Well since i worked on friday til pretty late i had already made plans to drive up to SUU and meet up with a bunch of friends at the Howl. I went last year and i was stoked to go again this year. i figured i would get off early and be up there by 11:30. Wrong again. I didnt get out of work until like 11:05! rip off! I frantically drove to cedar and after a series of mishaps, i finallyy got there. i walked in when a lovely lady informed me that she was no longer selling tickets and that i couldnt go in. She told me they stopped selling tickets at 12:00. i looked down at my phone and it said... 12:03!! i tried everything in the book. and still she wouldnt let me in. She even replied "i dont really care where you drove here from" after i explained i had just driven from St george. what a B WORD! But it didnt end up being horribly bad.. I met these girls that were just as mad as i was.. and we had  fun sitting and watching my friends dance while i sat 10 yds away from the dance floor under the exit sign. LOVELY!

 After the dance was over I met up with my friends Brady, Chase, and Clint and we went back to their house and hung out all night. Me and Brady have known each other since we were little cuz our dad's coached baseball together. We have become really good friends since we moved away to ..somewhat close.. colleges. I had a blast with those boys and i was grateful for their hospitality!

On Saturday i once again got off work late, so as i hurried to get ready while Brady, Ammon, Clint, and Drake, were in my living room waiting for me. Finallyy we decided to go to a party. Wow. crrrrazy. Tonz of drunk people. probably not the best place to be, but we did meet some very interesting people and had a fun time pretending to be drunk. i was super nervous that this one kid was gonna throw up on me---i have NEVER seen someone that drunk. seriously he was GONE.

So me and the boys left and caused some mischief. We threw cups of water and drunk people walking out of various parties.. and we almost got in a fight with a Cholo. He thought a kid we knew "mooned us" (when in reality he was wearing one of those fake butt costumes) he said "yo i got my hyna in the car i'm gonna go beat the %#@$ out of him." ahh we were freaking out! but it made for a great story. unfortunately for you... only the short version can be told. :)
(Ammon is hiding...)
Thanks to these boys i had an awesome Halloween. It was soo fun. Thank you Lovers!! you are the best.

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