weekend at home!

This past weekend i requested work off so i could go home for a few days. wow. best decision i have ever made. i drove up saturday morning and came back tuesday night. whoopsie.. i did happen to miss a few classes but ya know what? it was well worth it! 

I spent pretty much my whole weekend with this lovely girl. Meet one of my best friends Lori Brooke Richards. I knew she would be coming down from USU for her brothers homecoming so that pretty much convinced me that i should head up to home also. We hadn't seen each other since august so it was a much needed weekend of catch up! i love this girl seriously. we had so much fun and i wish she werent so frickin far away. boo.

Me and brooke officially met around seventh or eighth grade. Her brother TJ and my brother chandler were really good friends and so her family invited us up to their cabin one weekend. I'll admit it. We did not "hit it off"' as some would like to say. But we just didn't know each other too well and we were put in a semi awkward situation. Anyway we then were SBO's in Middle School together. Again. Didn't hit it off. It took some time.. but finally around my junior year we were again on student government together. and this time we did start chatting and becoming friends. Welp talk about a crazy situation but then.. we starting dating Ben and Carson around the same time.. who were also best friends. and well, we have been tight ever since. The rest is history. i love this girl. she truly is the best.

And up next...

Now meet jess. Me and Jess have been friends since sophomore year. we met when we were like 12 at a byu soccer camp.. where me and my friend lexi tortured her and her roommate. Me and lex had them convinced that we could speak our own language. ohh the joys of being a 12 year old. We stayed friends all through high school and have even gotten closer since we graduated. i am soo grateful i have this girl in my life. she is an awesome example of love and forgiveness. She is one of a kind and i know i can always count on her! 
i had the best weekend. i loved spending time with my family and catching up with friends, siblings, and parents. it was awesome. i loved it and cant wait to come home for good in december!

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  1. Hey Cute Haley! I came across your blog and wanted to say hi! I gotta tell ya- that darkroom story is so freakin funny. and sick. ha ha.. Anyway, you are just the cutest. And I too, am grateful for the wonderful news that came this month to a wonderful family. :) Just wanted to say hi!


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