Vegas Vegas and more VEGAS!!

Fall break=Lots and LOTS of fun! oh man i started off fall break with Vegas with my girlfriends from the team last year.. and boy did we have a blast! That trip definitely goes into one of my top Vegas Trips.. and i have had many! Here are just some fun pics from Trip ONE:

Doin some Shoppin at Nordstrom with our boy Jacob.. mmm

Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen!

At the Lakers vs Kings game.. Eww i hate the lakers. whoopsie

Walking through Caesars palace.. PURE? oh i want to go there...haha

Finally! after a long search and a few hopped fences.. we find it. Serendipity. Frozen hot chocolate. yummmm

It is against Utah Football rules to attend a game with out a package of Red vines!

Meet me dear friend Cheston. He let me and K blow in his horn. i Love this picture cuz the random lady in front of us took it.. and then she emailed it to me! who does that? one cool lady!!

Soo excited when the band.. aka Cheston.. decided he would share his Capri Sun with us. Was flirting involved?? umm no..??

The gang looking Fierce! 

This picture sums up fall break. So much fun. i loved it. and i love fall. and fall break. 

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