Pow.. pow.. Powderrr puff! EXPLICIT.. SORRY!!

I am super far behind on my blogging skills lately. So gradually i will catch back up. A few weeks ago it was Homecoming week down here at dixie.. which was so fun! there were tonz of fun activities and stuff to do all the time... well thursday night was the traditional powderpuff game. Freshmen/Seniors vs. Sophomores/Juniors. and.... well we won :) That's right! i played decently but there was this huge black "woman" on my side... and every time i got the ball i had to dodge this "Chick". Honestly. this "girl" scared me. Seriously she was plain scary. Where did she come from? i have no idea.

But i think the funniest part of the game was watching the other team.. (I have to admit.. Our team definitely had the upper hand.. actual football players as coaches.. and girls that actually had some athletic ability. ...Oh besides that black "chick" on the other team) So going into the game i knew that the game was going to get interesting. 

I cant even tell you.. there was a girl on the other team.. Forgive me here as i say this.. but she was one of those girls who.. 1. reads her text books for fun. 2. felt soo cool playing powderpuff because it was her time to "shine" in front of hundreds of people. and 3. also felt way special because her face was painted like Darth Maul in star wars (no i am not kidding) and instead of having a number on the back of her jersey she had an "X". Yuppp she was one of those. Oh and did i mention that she thought she was so totally awesome when she would argue with the refs or "talk Smack". hahah seriously i was dying laughing on the field every time i looked at this girl. it was hilarious.

Ok story time.. (this is where it may get explicit...)
First off.. let me say all of these girls on the field thought it was so cool to call each other Bitches. Why? i dont know? even after playing soccer for lots of years.. i can honestly say i have only been called that maybe like three or four times on the soccer field. But in this one powderpuff game.. i seriously probably heard this word over a hundred times. Girls were saying it left and right.. Maybe i am wrong here.. but i think these girls thought they were like way HARD CORE or something? i mean we were playing football so that automatically makes you a B.A right?

Well back to my girl Darth Maul. Me, being the sarcastic brat that i am, (When i play sports i just keep my mouth shut.. i dont talk to the other team unless necessary..) well..finally after pretty much the whole game started referring to her as Darth Maul on the field. I think this made the other team even more mad.. I mean we were already beating them pretty bad, and they were already freaking out at my team.. so why not egg on the problem a little more? Obviously it was more just for my own entertainment than anything. Well on one certain play i lined up and under my breath i said "Opp we got Darth Maul here.." (this girl was yelling telling her team they needed to "step it up!!".. i honestly didnt think anyone heard me until my team started laughing. oh geez bad idea. I dont really remember what happened on this play, but for some reason it was controversial. so of course Darth Maul had to put in her two cents. i dont think i said anything..maybe someone else did on my team, but the next thing i heard was seriously the funniest thing in my life. It was a high pitched yell that was definitely trying way too hard to sound seriously mad.. All Darth Maul yelled was .."If you can't handle it get off the field bitchessss". haha it was more of a Beeetchess than bitches, but nevertheless it was one of the funniest things i have ever heard. and she kept repeating it! over and over again. I think she was frustrated?

If i forget everything about the game but remember that one sentence.. it will make every bit of the game worth it. sooo funny. and i think it was only because it was "Darth Maul" that said it. I have also now become a fan of Star Wars!


  1. Haley, your blog is so cute! How do you get these cute layouts? And is the music just from playlist.com?

  2. Ohh thanks Aimee!
    the layouts are on http://www.Leeloublogs.blogspot.com/ and it will give the directions on how to upload and change you background and everything on that website when you find one you want! And its nice cuz you can change the colors of the backgrounds on some of her layouts.. like mine is supposed to be red dots with black outline.. but you can change it however you like. but Yeah and i think i just got my music from playlist.com?? i think you can just click on mine below and it will take you to their website. Its super easy.

    OH PS! i have tried to get on your blog before and it wouldnt work.. so helpp me out here and give me the URL??? Thanks girl you're the best!

  3. Thanks! Mine is aimeelh.blogspot.com I will check my settings to see if I have it private or something.

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