time to think

so i am sitting here.. its 1:00 am.. and i am not one bit tired. call me crazy but this summer sleep schedule is just how it goes. i have been contemplating all the things i could write about.. and well i really have nothing. There is one thing though that keeps coming to mind. and that would be the missionaries!! heavens i should be better at writing them but it is so hard keeping track of p-days, addresses, locations, etc of so many fine young men! I have friends serving all over the world and it is fun to hear of their stories!!

Elder Carson Williams- Dominican Republic
Elder Benjamin Woolf- Mozambique Maputo Africa 
Elder Preston Richards- Fort Worth, Texas
Elder Chandler Hansen- Minneapolis Minnesota
Elder Taylor Meyers- Culican Mexico
Elder Eric Proctor- Seoul, South Korea
Elder Tanner Langston- Stockholm, Sweden
Elder Zach Fackrell- Montevideo, Uruguay
ElderBrayden Ward- Morristown, New Jersey
Elder Merit Egan- North Carolina
Elder Jason Erickson- Fukuoku, Japan
Elder Nate Pulley- Nicaragua
Elder Matt Palmer- Japan
Elder Cody Raymond- New York, New York
Elder TJ Richards- LA, California
Elder Tyson Amudson- LA, California
Elder Bridger Battaglia- Portland Oregon
Elder Lance Lowry- Kennewick, Washington
Elder Jaes Jones- Finland
Elder Jason Shallenburger- California
Elder Hayden Moss- Long Beach, California
Elder Royce Lauck- Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Elder Will KiniKini- Minneapolis, Minnesota

OK that is quite the list.. we got em all over the place! and this list doesnt include a lot of people! hmm.. anyway it is so fun seeing all of chans friends get home from their missions and hearing the stories and experiences they have had.. it is amazing what the gospel does for peoples lives!  i love the missionary program and cant wait for all of these boys to be back home!!! Even though, it will be awhile! Good luck to all these boys!!


  1. ...and you better be writing them ALL, every week. Just kidding. That is quite the list! I am in the middle of making Benny a tape, but I write him so often that there's not much to say. Oh well. Guess it will be pretty boring. Right now you are boating with the in-laws. Hope you had fun! Ava and I would have come, but we weren't invited...:)

  2. i know that is totally how i am too.. the tapes are fun but kinda awkward!! how are you feeling by the way? Totally been thinking about you lately. Anyway hope all it well... and Duh you should have come boating! i would have loved that!


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