So i have been thinking a lot lately.. I LOVE my Brothers!..(not that i dont love my sister.. but that will come later...) Ok maybe that sounds cheesy.. but its so true! You all have heard about Teagan.. but i think i need to give a shout out to my little-Big-brother Easton. Ever since Chan has been gone, me and East have gotten to be really close! Although sometimes i can't stand the kid, he really is amazing and someone i look up to. He has so MANY attributes i wish i had..

Easton is a Work-aholic. He has the most powerful work ethic of anyone i know. He is constantly driven and will do anything for anyone.. no matter what kind of effort is involved.

He always has the desire to do what's right. He is a people pleaser, and willingly does anything for anyone. We constantly find him mowing lawns for widows in our neighborhood, shoveling the driveways of the whole block, and always helping anyone in need.

Most people don't get to see this side of Easton. He has the most tender heart. He recently got called to serve in the Special Needs mutual. I can't imagine a better calling for East!  He is so sensitive and i love that about him

We also have the same sense of Humor. As bad as this sounds.. we love making fun of people, and i know.. if i don't say it.. he will!

so... if you dont know Easton... get to know him! He is one amazing kid and i am sure you will figure that out too!!


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  2. way cute hay! gotta love the brothers, they are the best!


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