The family is finally reunited!!

For the next two weeks all my cousins from my dad's side are in town! It is my grandparents 50th anniversary so we have spent the whole week up in park city at the Marriot Mountain Side resort. what a blast it has been to finally see everyone! Between work and school, i have spent as much time as possible up there, but i cant wait to spend even more time with everyone when they are down here in Salt Lake! Here are some fun pics of the weeks adventures...

The cousins with Grandma and Grandpa

Probably my favorite cousin, Halle, and my aunt Cyd

Jumpin in the pool! we all look so cute

Main Street Scavenger Hunt.. I found the statue.

Some of the Girl Cousins

Everyone at the top of Main Street, Park City

Me and My dad and his sister Alison

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