Last summer me and Ben had the opportunity to go to the John Mayer, Colbie Callait concert. It was AMAZING!! i may sound crazy when i say this.. but it was life changing. Ever since i have this new found appreciation for music artists. Especially John Mayer. Ok, so he may not be the classiest guy around, but the guy has got a very special talent for writing and preforming music.

Recently, i have been addicting to listening to his music! The lyrics are so true, heartfelt, and amazing to say the least. I dunno maybe it's just because i have been missing Ben so much lately and listening to someone who feels my pain makes me feel better. so lame i know. Really i probably sound like a freak. But next time you listen to any of John Mayer's songs, pay close attention to the lyrics. One of my all time favorite songs by him is titled "The Heart of Life". I quote when i say.. "Fear is a friend who's misunderstood. But i know the heart of life is good!" I can do this.. Life really is good :)

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