Yup you read right! i am so sick!! i actually cant remember the last time i was this sick! Yesterday at work i started feeling weird, and as soon as i got home.. i lost my lunch. gross i know. But thats not the end. From about 3:30 til 9 i threw up every fifteen or so minutes. Of course, i hadn't eaten that much food, so there wasn't a lot to throw up after the first few times.. but it just kept coming. I couldn't even drink water, with out losing that too. So nasty. Then around 11 i started feeling a tad bit better so i drank some sprite, and water. And when i say "drank" i mean "sipped". I hardly had drunken anything, and the next thing i knew.. i was back in the bathroom. Bad night i tell ya. But the good news is, i feel a lot better today and am "eating". Wahoo... water has never tasted so good.

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