Holy crap!! i feel like it has been ages since i have updated my blog.. and indeed it truly has been forever!! Soo much has happened since my last post so here are a few quick things to catch you all up to random order sorry.. it's just how my mind thinks..

1. Finished my first year of college!! yay!!
2. Moved home and started my job back up at the Life Centre
3. Had multiple friends leave on missions
4. went to Vegas with Ben and his family for a few days
5. got hit on by a creepy old guy there..
6. went on the stratosphere to come soon!
7. ate some nasty buffet sushi..
8. Taylor Swift concert!!
9. Played state cup with my Celtic Storm Girls!! love them all
10. went fishing with the fam
11. hiked bell canyon
12. Lagoon!!!!
13. Ben's Farewell.. 
14. Received Chan's official release date! August 21
15. Talked to Chan on Mothers day!
16. went to my friend Natalie's wedding!! crazy!
17. moved Kalinee's bed into my room.. yes i will be sharing a room shortly..
18. TURNED 19!!! 
19. received a Carmello Anthony jersey 
20. signed up for summer school at slcc
21. sent off the love of my life to go serve the lord for two years
22. went on a bobsled ride up in Park City!!


  1. Sounds like you've been having some serious fun! Just keep busy - those 2 years will fly by!

  2. What? I can't believe you left out "ate awesome sushi with awesome people at Tsunami". I'm totally offended :)

  3. love your new background-- Haley! Can't wait to catch up with you in July. Love ya.


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