uhh are you serious!?

it is official.. The Shine is dead. My lovely cell phone of the past 8 months is gone. I am so sad. I was driving in Hay Dut's car this morning with my phone sitting on my lap. We turned a corner, and it slid of my lap, onto the floor of the car. Not a Big deal. I picked it up, and shoved it in my purse. Later on, i looked to see what time it was, when i realized my screen was black, and only a little corner was lit up. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! ..i have dropped this phone SO many times, and it has survived. it even lived through a second story drop off my balcony to the cement, while down at school. So why now??.... the screen is cracked. i am on the verge of losing ever number, picture, video, and text that has formed quite the collection over the years.. The solution?? buy a new phone, or pay to fix the screen. Well i think i will go with option two, seeming that at least then i can save The Shine's life. Lets hope it is fixable!! 

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