Yesterday was a weird day for me.. i had work at the Life Centre from 12-4 at the desk. Usually during this time Ben would text me, and we would make our plans for the rest of the day. well, maybe i am just a psycho, but i kept checking my phone like i was expecting a text from him! Weird! i am a freak obviously! so i got off work, and took my sister down to the Real game. On my way home i was so sad! i had been good the day before, and then it was hitting me again! Right as i was just about to tear up, Linda (Ben's mom) called me and said she had just gotten a letter from him that he wanted me to read! I cant believe how much a single letter can affect your day! i was so happy and everything seemed to be so much better!! 

He sounds soo good! i am so proud of him! he is one tough boy, and so mentally and emotionally strong. He is doing awesome, and i couldn't be more happy!!

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