The Great Race!

Every year at Dixie there is a college wide event known as The Great Race. Teams of 10 sign up to compete in a different obstacles that run all around campus. The soccer team put a team together and we made these sweet shirts.
 My leg of the race was the Mud Pit. I didn't think it would be that hard, but oh my heavens was i wrong! This is a picture of a random guy that is trying to make his was through the mud pit. Oh did i mention the pit was dug 6 feet into the ground, and i would say about 20 yards long. As though the mud wasn't a large enough obstacle, there were these tunnels that we were required to crawl through.
Ok, if you look close enough you can see me. I was exhausted and i was barely even half way done!
This is the after effect... And let me tell ya.. the shower did not look pretty after i was done with it. I also failed to mention that this day in St. George, it had been pouring rain, and it was reezing cold!...which didn't make it any more appealing to climb through this freakin mud pit.
My legs were literally coated with about a half an inch of mud on my legs!

And the after effects on my body.... nasty little bruise... Sweet i guess!

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  1. That looks like so much fun. Well, not the scrapes and bruises but the yucky mud!


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