That Time I Fell in Love With a Pair of Shoes

Guys. It's no secret that I have a shopping addiction. All growing up I remember my mom, my sister, and I, going on shopping trips together. The Hansen girls love a good deal and a good day of shopping. We bond over it. We talk for hours and honestly its times like this that I LOVE. My mom is the most stylish lady I know, and even more than that.. the best bargain shopper I know. She has taught us well. :)

I am one that truly believes you can fall in love with an article of clothing.. at least for awhile. So last week while I was down in STG, we were homecoming dress shopping with Ammon's little sister.. and I spotted them. The pair of fall boots I have been looking for for so long. Cheesy i know. But i have been wanting to buy a pair of two tone boots for awhile now, and haven't found a pair that I love at a decent price. I also really wanted to buy a pair of 'nicer' boots because real leather just lasts longer than the cheap $25 boots you can buy at Forever Young.  Here's the kicker.. they are not what we call cheap.. $159 bucks to be exact. which lets be real here.. isn't terrible for a good pair of high quality boots.. but still wayyyy more than i would everrr pay for a pair of shoes.

Here's a little insight into Ammon and I's marriage......

Ammon is a saver. I am a spender (within reason). I value this quality of Ammon soo much. I'll be honest.. 99% of our financial success is because of Ammon. He is literally so smart with money and works so hard to make sure we are saving money every month, investing, and always preparing for the future. I, on the other hand, understand why we do our finances the way we do, but it is a little harder for me when I see my paycheck and realize the 'smaller' amount I can actually spend every month. hahah I am so greedy i swear. It's a struggle for me.

So right now here is my dilemma.. I either buy the boots and not spend another dollar on 'me stuff' for almost two months.. or I can wait til Christmas. Christmas really isn't that far away, but my mind is silly. For my birthday and Christmas it is always so hard for me to decide what it is I REALLY want on my list. It's like I feel like its my one time to ask for something really special so I over-think it to the point that I don't even know what I want. hahaha I am a spaz. Anyway.. check out these beautiful things...

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