A New Job

What? What? Haley got a new job? I thought she loved her job?!

Well don't get too ahead of yourselves. I did get a new job.. but I did not quit my job at Young Living.

I am now coaching high school soccer (again!)! Hallelujah!

A friend called randomly and asked if I could come help coach the JV girls at Bingham High school.. and after some chat about my work commitments and schedule things were still good to go!

I have been helping out now for a few weeks and although it makes life A LOT busier, i find myself so much happier. This is something that I absolutely LOVE doing that it is totally worth the long work days and constant driving to south jordan. I completely adore my little soccer players and am just so grateful I have the opportunity to help out.

It was so crazy when my friend called. That whole week I had been in such a rut. I love my job, but was getting tired of traveling. I was missing coaching in stg so much. I was having a bad attitude about life in general. I had been praying and praying to find an answer to my frustration with my daily routine.. and then seriously the next day Kim called and told me about the position. I knew the second we worked everything out that it was just meant to be! I was so excited.

These girls have already blessed my life so much. They have stretched me as an individual which I am so grateful for! Life is real busy, but i LOVE it. Now if I could only figure out a way to make more money coaching so I could do it full time. :) now that would be sweeeet.

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