I really am Pregnant...

I guess it is officially time to announce my pregnancy on the good ol blog. Unfortunately the blog is usually the last form of socially media that I have been updating lately.. so here is a quick recap of how we chose to announce our new little addition.

3 days before Halloween I decided I was going to make a chicken costume and figured Ammon could be a Farmer. So we rolled with that idea. Then, I also had this crazy idea that we should use our costumes to announce our pregnancy... my mom had this giant Easter Egg, and we thought that we could come up with a cheezy phrase to announce the pregnancy over instagram and Facebook. Halloween night we went to my parents house to take pictures, then the next day the picture was officially posted.
"Ammon and I are 'egg-cited' to welcome a new little 'peep' to the Zitting crew. Egg-pected' to hatch in May"
Looking back i probably shouldnt have gone ALL OUT with the puns, but whatever. We laugh about it now and in the moment we liked it's cheesiness. :)

Ammon and I are so so overwhelmed by all the sweet comments, texts, and calls we have received in the days since we announced my pregnancy. We are getting more and more excited everyday and feel extremely blessed that Heavenly Father is trusting us with one of his own little children. May cannot come soon enough! 

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  1. THRILLED a for you two. Being a mom is absolutely amazing and you will be so great Haley.


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