Trek on!

So Ammon and I got asked to be ma and pa's at our stake trek this week. We have been excited and anxious for the past few months... and well here we are.. tomorrow we leave, and I am feeling slightly overwhelmed!

Am and I went to the meeting for trek back at the beginning of March. It was really basic, and not too detail oriented. OH! and did I mention that I got asked if I was one of the young women in the stake? ha! Now that was an awkward question to answer. Besides the other couple called from our ward, we were by far the youngest couple there.. I am talking like by at least 20 years. Intimidating to say the least! I am still trying to figure out how to draw the line between my teenage years and adult years.. how am I supposed to actually be in charge of these crazy kids when I still feel like I belong out there with them!?

Anyway, the house is a mess, our gunny sacks are [sort of] packed, and ammon has an all-nighter worth of homework ahead of him. I am anxious and worried that I am way under qualified for this calling, and overwhelmed by the sense of responsibility I feel to help my kids have an awesome experience. It will be interesting, but I am excited to get trekking! :)

Oh! And did i mention i will be celebrating my 23rd birthday somewhere in the middle of nowhere in my cutest pioneer clothes?! hahahaha! Just what I wanted to be doing on my birthday! ha! ;)


  1. i'm kicking myself for not mentioning it while you were there, you guys should have gone to levain bakery for the best cookie of your life. you and ammon are going to be great!

  2. and now i have to awkwardly admit that the wrong comment went on the wrong blog. awesome. this is what i had typed out for you: i am dying over the fact that someone thought you were a yw in the stake. that is hilarious/awful and something that would totally happen to me. i am so excited for you to blog about this when you get home.


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