The Difference Between Males and Females...

Guys. I already realize I am the worst blogger on the planet. We both have a lot going on right now and by the time I get home I have ZERO motivation to blog. So for now, I leave you with this goodness.

Am and I watched this together last night and we were seriously laughing so hard! This is the epitome of our relationship... I love to talk about my problems, without actually hearing about how to fix them. Most of the time I just want sympathy and someone to listen to me unload. BUT in Ammon's mind, there is always a solution to my problems and if I would just fix it, I would feel better. It just doesn't work people.. I end up getting more frustrated because I feel like Ammon is just telling me why I am wrong, and Ammon ends up frustrated because the solution is so clear! hahah! It is quite hilarious and has taken some time for us to learn that we just think so differently that we both need to be more understanding towards one another.

Does anyone else struggle with this issue? I feel like it is a total male vs. female thing.. but I could be wrong. Tell me your thoughts.. I would love to hear them!


  1. I'm dying!! Hahahaha yes. Same way over here! But he does have great solutions, I just want them after I'm done complaining :)

  2. paul needs to see this so he can use it in his classes. i honestly think i'll miss going to school just for classes like that.


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