Basically I am an idiot people. I randomly decided to sign up for my first half marathon and... then I signed up for the St. George Marathon. What the crap was I thinking. Well my half is in july and the full is in october... I have mostly been focusing on my half but to be honest I have not be training that well. I REALLY hate running and I thought that by this point in my training I might actually enjoy it. Not happening. Really the only thing that makes me look forward to my running is when I have new running clothes to wear. Obviously that gets expensive.

Mostly my frustration comes from not being good at running from the start. I like being good at things when I first try them out.. well running has not come that easily for me. But who am i kidding? When I was 12 years old my mom had to come and run the timed mile with me at soccer practice because I was crying my way through the whole thing. SERIOUSLY? Pathetic. 

When I first started training I had all these time goals and things I wanted to accomplish. Now I am to the point that I will be sooo proud of myself if I just finish. I still hate running.. training has been hard... and I really don't enjoy it at all! BUT I am really excited for July 13th when I will officially finish my first half marathon. I don't have a timed goal in mind anymore... and I seriously could careless about my time. I just cant wait for it to be over! 

Have any of you done a half? What are your suggestions and methods or running? Also what do you suggest wearing? I just bought these cute shorts and I am in LOVE. (yes they are shorts.. not a skirt)


  1. half marathon AND full?!! way to be hay! i always tell myself i'm going to be a runner but it never ever happens. i even put a 5k, half & full on my bucket list... maybe someday? i'm the same as you, i hate running. it's boring, i have bad knees, and yadda yadda yadda... the list goes on and on. how do people get over that?

  2. Hi Hayley... I found you a while back through another blog, so sorry to be the creepy stalker commenting... Like you, I run mostly to finish and pat myself on the back. Have you heard of Hal Hidgon's training schedules? I use it to train up to race day (http://www.halhigdon.com/training/51131/Half-Marathon-Novice-1-Training-Program). Also, those cute shorts you bought? I would suggest you run in them now if you plan on racing in them! Anything you want to race in, I would suggest you "break" in so you don't get any uncomfortable rubbing. Get some amazing music... It will be a blast! Good luck and I hope this helps!

  3. Haley that's awesome you are running a half! The best advice that someone told me at the start line to my first one was to make an effort to smile at different points along the way. Also get to know people at the start line and soak in the atmosphere of it all, that is what makes it fun for me! Another cheesy thing I do is tell myself positive things when it gets hard like, "look how amazing my body is it is running, other people are sitting on the couch." haha it actually really helps me push through the hard parts. Good luck!!


  4. Woo Hoooo I can't imagine anything more terrifyingly motivating that being signed up for a full blow marathon! hahah thats the way to do it! Too funny. Love the shorts :) Loved your trek stories!! Fun to read because matt and i were asked to be a ma and pa as well, but we are gone for the summer so we couldn't do it! Your family was soo lucky to get you two!

    Tessa Camille


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