The Big 2-3

I am officially 23. HOLY Crap. when did that happen?! Since I was on trek for my birthday Ammon and I celebrated early. Back in December we bought Tay Swift tickets knowing that it would be the most perfect birthday celebration.

Before heading to the concert we went to my most favorite restaurant in the world.. Settebello's in SLC.   [if you haven't been... GO!! and get the margarita pizza] Of course I got the typical Diet Coke and the famous Margarita pizza. SOOO YUMM. Honestly this is the closest thing I have found to real Italian pizza since I fell in love back in 2011 in Napoli. :) Gelato for dessert was a must.. and then it was off to the concert.

Even though we didn't have the most amazing seats, I had a blast! I LOVE Tay and I am not ashamed to admit it. Her vocals have gotten better over the years and her concerts have only gotten more crazy. We had a blast and it was the perfect Birthday Kick Off Celebration.

Ammon was a sweetheart and before we left for trek he surprised me with... a new NIXON watch. I am obsessed with Nixon anything and I have had my eye on this watch for what feels like forever. I was so shocked and absolutely ecstatic when he handed me that little white box. Next he handed me the first season of New Girl.... okay second best present ever! I love that show and seriously have been wanting it forever! I was also so spoiled by my parents and in-laws, grandparents, and extended family. I felt so loved and I was so grateful for the best birthday ever! :)
IN LOVE. [and the cutest bracelet from my mom]

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  1. i'm not a huuuuge fan of tswift's music, but her style... oh my gosh i want her entire wardrobe.


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