Spring Break 2011

How awesome was Spring Break? SO Awesome. I loved every minute of it. I headed down to St George (of course) and hung out with my pals down yonder. It rained Sunday and Monday, but honestly i really didn't mind too much. We had our poncho's and we were taken care of :)
I was so happy that i got to watch some baseball games while i was there. I have some really good friends on the team and i just love baseball so it was great.

Wednesday i laid out all afternoon. It wasn't that warm and i was sure that i wasn't getting burnt. Little did i know..when i went inside i was fried! I think part of it was because of this medicine i am on right now that makes my skin super sensitive.. but still! i never burn. talk about frustrating. I was still completely satisfied with my tan though. Paige, Ammon, and I went shopping that night.. unfortunately i didnt find one thing! I did however get a chance to wear one of my new shirts that i bought at Kohls awhile ago.. remember that blog post? TOo bad i didnt really get any good pictures of me in it!

 My last night in St. George we decided we wanted to play Spoons... You can see how well that went..
Gosh i love my roommates so much. And Am is pretty great too. i always love visiting st george! I headed home on thursday afternoon and headed straight up to this girls wedding reception! 
Skwig and I at our signing party senior year. She played for Idaho State. 
Meet Skwig. Also known as Ashley Askwig. Now, known as Ashley Irvin. Skwig and i grew up playing soccer against each other. We reunited our senior year when she came to play with Celtic Storm. Since we were commuting to Orem everyday for practice we got to be really close friends. I love this girl sooo much! Her wedding was gorgeous and she looked beautiful. Congrats to Skwig and Steve!

Saturday was the festival of colors.. but i will do a post specifically for that day. it was sooo great! so be stoked. now i just have to focus on my last few weeks of school! eeeeekkkk!!

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