It has been over a week since my last post.
i always promise myself i am going to get better at blogging. nothing has changed...lets be honest.
Well in the last week a lot has happened. But nothing too exciting so don't get all rallied up.

Omega became the Lambda Delta Sigma Volleyball Champions. It was a close few games with Gamma, but we came out victorious. They provided us with the most delicious yogurt, granola, and frozen fruit ever. I decided it's my new favorite breakfast.

Last weekend was date night for all the sororities. I was really wishing that i had some sort of a crush that i could possibly take. However my life is just so unexciting that something like that wasnt quite possible. I decided to take the dear boy carson. For those of you who dont know carsy.. well he happens to be Benjamin's man crush. Those two boys are honestly quite the pair. Anyway.. back to the date. We went to Hires Big H for din din. Dont worry growing up it was my favorite restaurant because my dad always told me it was 'my restaurant' seeming that the  'H' stood for Haley. cute right? Then it was off to the game. The game was fun. Nose bleeds are the best. Top of the nose bleeds might i add. Playing keep away and PIG with a squishy ball and a garbage can proved more entertaining than watching the jazz. Almost drilling a lady with my 'fast pitch' was potentially game ending and screaming annoyingly loud to frustrate the people in front of us was quite immature. but it made the night that much better.

Tuesday while waiting to cross the street up on campus, i decided i officially hate people like the jerk in this movie. "kids at the bottom of the street" = me. Yup drenched in slush before my day even started.

I also decided that i can't even wait for my trip to St. George this weekend. It's supposed to be 75 degrees and clear skies. I know.. perfection right? Plans include: laying out. shopping trip to vegas. possible attendance at the BYU ncaa tourney game. two wedding receptions. swimming. partying with my roommates. and multiple heart to hearts.

Also random question.. does anyone have a good remedy for chapped lips and dry skin? this winter weather is getting the best of me.

ok that's all for tonight. see ya partners.

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