Bryce Canyon

Last weekend Hay Dut, Steph, Jaim and I took a quick little trip down to Bryce Canyon. The girls had been training for a the half marathon and unfortunately my training was interrupted with my trip to Africa. Ok lets be honest.. never really started training-i'm not much of a runner, but i hope to be someday! So i just went to watch and provide some good moral support. The girls did great and we ended up having so much fun!

We almost ran out of gas in the middle of no where on our way to Panguitch. Somehow we miraculously made it 30 miles on the gas light. Never been happier to see a SILVEREAGLE
Takin a nice little picture in front of the Bryce Canyon sign.. which by the way wasn't even near where we were supposed to be.

Such a scenic view :)

We were homeless cuz we didnt want to drive all the way up to the campsite, and a hotel would have been too expensive.. so we camped out on the LDS church's lawn in Canonville. Dont worry the population of Canonville is 130. so funny. Luckily there was a family reunion that night so we got to use the bathroom..or else we would have been in serious trouble! 

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