Bowling night

So seeming that 2/6 of my closest girlfriends are married or practically married.. it always makes for interesting nights. We have been going bowling every wednesday night down at Fat Cats for 50 cent bowling night! what a deal right? Last week Jaim had a date.. so at the start of the night it was.. Jess and Evan, Jaim and Brig, and me? hahah then to make it better.. Dan and Brooke showed up. hahahah It's times like these when i just have to laugh at myself. Luckily my date finally showed up----Haley Dutson. It really was such a fun night!! love my friends.

the girls lovin the bowling balls

Ev and Jess. love these two. Dang look at that bling!

And finally.. my date.. Haley Dut.


  1. 50 cents? what theeee? such a good deal! before you know it you'll be one of those married girls hay! and i'll be attending the wedding loving my life hoping to find some handsome guy there to be my date.

  2. yeah its like a 5 dollar cover and all the food, shoes, and bowling games are 50 cents after that! it is so fun ky! you should totally come. but k.. i am not gettin married anytime soon lets be honest! and KY!! oh my heck our friends come home sooo soon!


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