Bieber Fever

Last night three of my friends and i went to the Justin Bieber concert. Yes he is 16 years old. Yes he is a little young. And yes some of his songs are cheezy. But i dont care! The concert was so awesome. Trust me people. Sean Kingston opened which was-amazing. Then, JB came out and that was even better! Us girls had a blast and i would definitely say it was well worth the 40 bucks! I LOVE Biebs!
While i was in Africa Cato, Ali, and Jess made their shirts.. so i made my own right before the concert :)

Honestly, this concert was more of a dance party than anything. It was soo fun!

All us gals having the time of our life!

The place was seriously packed full. Mostly of 13 and 14 year old girls with their mothers. The moms there were freaks! for real. 

All in all the concert was great. i loved it and i love JB even more now. Even though my little 11 year old brother tells me.. "hay.. he is so gay!" haha love it

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