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All while we were in San Diego, Ben's mission call had been delivered and had arrived at his house. Poor boy had to wait two extra days to even see his fate-filled envelope. We drove all the way home from San Diego to Sandy on Saturday. Needless to say, it was a very long day. All the way home i could see the stress, excitement, and anxiousness in his eyes. Finally we arrived home, and while i quickly showered and got ready, his family was meeting at Camee and Matt's home.
The moment he opened his envelope was so exciting! The spirit was so strong and i think everyone was a little emotional..
And the call is... Mozambique Maputo Mission! Now, how crazy is that! For those of you who don't know where that is, it's down in the southern tip of Africa, right above South Africa. It is a fairly new mission, and there are currently only about 20-35 missionaries serving there. He leaves June 24, and i am so happy, excited and anxious for him! It is still surreal to me that all my friends i have grown up with are now out all over the world serving missions! What a great group of boys i was blessed to be able watch as i saw them prepare for their missions! I know all of them are serving honorably and i love and appreciate each one. I also know Ben will be an amazing new addition to the country of Mozambique! I love the Missionaries!

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