Here are some things about Eden at the 3 month mark. (go Haley!... only two months behind)

Eden is obsessed with sucking on her hands! She can roll from side to side.. just not all the way over yet. She loves being swaddled before bedtime. She loves her stroller and being on-the-go. She loves the baby mobile above her bed and watching it spin around. She recently discovered herself in the mirror above her carseat and stares at herself the whole  car ride. She is a constant slobbery mess! I have never seen so much drool in my life. She always has lint in her toes and her dad calls her 'the lint factory'. She is OBSESSED with bathtime and likes taking naps on mom and dad's bed. We have been working on her torticollis stretches and she hates it! She is getting a little more even though and will look to the left side a lot more frequently.

This month eden got to visit Jackson Hole! She was so good for the 5 hour drive and we had so much fun together hiking the Tetons. Eden was also blessed this month, which was an amazing day! I will have to do a separate post for that whole day.


Baby cleavage! haha! So cute
the left picture is one of my absolute favorites.

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