Eden is 5 months and i absolutely love this stage! Quite frankly i have loved every stage, but this one is so fun! She is the most observant little girl and loves watching everything EVERYONE is doing. she is super social and wants to be in the middle of whatever is going on. She smiles at almost everyone, but has started to show signs of nervousness around strangers or people she doesn't know. She will search the room until she finds Am or I. (I sort of love that.) She still loves bath time and goes absolutely NUTS.. kicking, splashing, and most recently.. trying to roll over! She has swallowed a few gulps of tub water i'm sure! :) She sleeps through the night so well and typically puts herself down around 8:00 and sleeps until 7-8. We feed her before we go to bed at 9:30.. and she eats so well because she is half awake at that time. She is soo good at grabbing things and wants to touch anything and everything around her. She is still such a slobber bucket and is constantly eating her hands and putting things in her mouth. I am just waiting for a tooth to pop through! She stands up so well and rolls over like a champ! I am thinking she will be an early walker/crawler because she is already so busy and shows signs of trying to 'scoot'.. Crazy girl!

The other day we took her to a doctor's appointment for Am's shoulder. I thought "no big deal.. she'll just sit on my lap and hang out". UMM NO. I felt like i was wrestling a toddler the entire appointment! She was grabbing at everything in the office, only wanted to look at her books for .2 seconds, wiggly as ever, and talking and smiling to all the doctors. They loved her! It was hilarious but i can definitely see that in the near future it is going to become hard to take her places because she is so busy!


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