Happy 4 months baby girl! This month Eden really started to get big! At her 4 months well check she was 15lb 1oz and 25 inches long. She was in the 82nd percentile for weight and 79th for height! She absolutely LOVES bath time. We recently started filling up the big tub with a few inches of water and put her directly in the bath.. and she goes crazy! She splashes, kicks, squeals, and moves around like a little swimmer! It is hilarious. Ammon makes her smile more than anyway, and we have noticed that she typically prefers men over women! She is still sooo slobbery and loves sucking her hands. She is starting to grab things with her hands really well, and can roll from side to side. She discovered her toes this month too! I was so excited about that! While we were at lake powell, i looked over one morning and she had both feet in her little hands... I about died i was so excited. She loves standing up and has really strong legs and great balance. She smiles at just about everyone and is the happiest babe around. I love her so much! This month she was more inconsistent with sleeping through the night, but i assume it's because she has grown so much.

My favorite face she makes while she sleeps

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