Eden 2 Months!

Eden is growing up so quickly it is hard to stay on top of this blog! Here is her two month update:

Eden is two months! She still wears Newborn sizes and has just barely started fitting into her 0-3 month clothes.

She loves:

  • Sticking out her tongue
  • Blowing bubbles (SO MUCH SLOBBER!)
  • bath time-- she kicks her feet like crazy!
  • laying in her crib and watching her mobile
  • smiling at mom and dad.. SUCH a little cheezer :)
  • Kicks her legs when she is excited
  • having her hair brushed
  • balancing her head and looking outward when being held
  • listening to music! Her favorites are Disney and toddler pandora!
Eden is so funny and her personality is just starting to come through. We sure love this little babe!


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