Happy 3 Years!

At the end of July, Ammon and I got to celebrate our 3 year anniversary! We decided to have our first post-Eden date night and left our cute babe with Ammon's sister Annie. We headed up to Park City to the Olympic Park.. waited in line for a good solid hour and then had the time of our lives riding the Roller Coaster down the mountain. I don't think I have ever laughed that hard! We were 'that' couple that rode together on a single cart.. and I am so glad we did! We were both dying laughing the whole way down! .. Also the guy told us it was smart to go together because we would go faster.. and that we did!

We then headed over to Main Street to eat dinner. We ate at Bandits, and BBQ restaurant and topped off dinner with a visit to Cows. It was so fun to be with Ammon! I think we had both forgotten what it was like to be out together!

Three years seems like a long time, but it flew by so quickly! I am so grateful for my marriage to Ammon.. he is just the best. He makes me so happy and fills my heart with so much happiness.

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