1 month

 I am behind on Eden's life, so let me start with her 1 month update!

weight: 8lb 13 oz

  • Eden loves her minky blanket! Every night when we wrap her up in it, she just rubs her little cheeks against its soft fabric. #thesweetest 
  • She still isn't very sure about bath time, but she loves when we run the water over her head. 
  • She loves having her hair brushed
  • She likes her carseat and being on the go! She seems to love her stroller and car rides--hasn't had a 'come apart' in public yet--which we are grateful for!
  • The bouncer that vibrates completely mesmerizes her! She is so calm and peaceful when whenever we put her in it.
  • She still has a hard time going to the bathroom.. pooping is not enjoyable.
  • She hates having her diaper changed
  • Doesn't like when mom changes her clothes
  • HATES when I put lotion on her.
She sleeps in 4 increments at night, and during the day she eats about every 3-4 hours. If I am out and about, she sleeps through anything-- so usually in the afternoon she can go for longer with out eating since that is when i run my errands.



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