Eden's Newborn Pics

To be honest, I was not planning on having newborn pictures taken. After all, that is why we had hired Photography by Harmony to photograph the birth right? So we could have pictures of her as a newborn. RIGHT. ....wait. Wrong. Shortly after we got home from the hospital, and eden morphed from a cone headed/bruised and swollen little baby,  into the most beautiful little lady i had ever seen, i decided we needed to have some pictures taken of her. I was lucky and got an appointment with Fotofly very quickly.

During the first two weeks of eden's life.. she slept A LOT. So when the lady said to bring her while she was sleeping, I thought "no brainer". Well my little Edee had a different plan.. instead she decided to be WIDE awake during her whole session.. and not only that.. but she was also being sort of grumpy (which was rare!). When I got the link for the pictures.. I was so happy with them I cried. They were PERFECT! Looking back I am so glad that she was awake.. I mean! LOOK AT THOSE EYES. She is the cutest. Plus, Fotofly was awesome and let us go back two days later for a 'sleeping session'. IN LOVE. If you are a new mom and are debating getting newborn pictures taken.. DO IT. You wont regret it. And I can almost guarantee you WILL regret it if you don't. :)



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