Surprising our families

I feel like every girl dreams of the day she gets to tell her mom that she is pregnant. I had thought about this experience a lot... saw all the cute announcements on fb, pinterest, and the videos on youtube... of families freaking out at the exciting news of a baby on the way. That was the hardest part about keeping my secret until after i had my first appointment.. I was dying to tell our families!

First up, we drove to St. George to visit Ammon's parents and his little sister Nikki. We were so excited to tell them as soon as we pulled in the driveway late that Friday night. BUT! Nikki, being the adorable teenager she is, was out with friends. We waited up late for her to get home.. but then received a text she was having a sleepover. BUMMER! The next morning we woke up and while eating breakfast, Nikki came home. Ammon went upstairs and grabbed our 'bag of goodies' that I had prepared before leaving home. Casually I told them I had bought them a cute sign that reminded me of something they would have in their house. It was a sign that said "Grandchildren welcome.. Parents by appointment!" They LOVED it, and didn't catch on, (which we knew they wouldn't) because there are already 4 grandchildren on the Zitting side. Then, we handed them a frame I had gotten and inside the frame it said "Grandbaby #5 coming in May!" It took them awhile to read the message and catch on to our big announcement.. but when they did it was PRICELESS!

All at once Ben, Jean, and Nikki, yelled, "WHAT?!!!?!??!?!" so loud that it scared me! I was laughing so hard and then started crying a little bit because i was so excited to tell them! Nikki was jumping around the house and Ben and Jean were just as ecstatic. It was awesome. I so so wish we would have recorded their reaction!

Then, that Sunday we had arrived back from STG, and headed up to my parents house for Sunday dinner. It was sort of tricky with my family because Easton had been home from USU the past 3 weekends and I was so worried he wouldn't come home again. (Apparently I asked him so many times that he became suspicious and decided to come home in case I had something I needed to tell him ha!) I had bought the same frame for my mom and edited the insert to match my family... "Grandbaby #1 coming in May!" I had also gotten a shirt made that said "Best Uncle Ever" and we had decided to give it to my littlest brother, Teagan, since he would be the least suspicious of us buying him a shirt.

Once we were all sitting at dinner, I told my parents we had gotten them an anniversary present and handed them the frame, and quickly after, I told Teagan I had gotten him a shirt that I thought he would like while we were in St. George. Ammon was filming the whole thing, but the dang camera didnt focus! Such a bummer.. but you can still get a good idea of what happened.

                                                We're Pregnant! from Haley Hansen on Vimeo.

My dad was the first one to read the frame, and he was SILENT! Just little tears streaming down his face.. all while my mom admired how much she loved the frame... seriously she didn't read the note for what seemed like FOREVER! She had the frame for awhile before we started filming.. so it doesn't seem as long in the video. My mom was so frantic that she was freaking out when Teagan opened his shirt, and all my brothers were just as surprised. My dad doesn't say much in the video because he was crying! And after this was filmed my mom was in tears too. It was so perfect.

Both of our families are so excited! We had such a fun time announcing it to all of Ammon's siblings since they are spread out all over the country. May really can't come soon enough!

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