Baby is a....

We waited until my 18 week appointment (instead of getting an ultrasound done around 14-15 weeks) and I was DYING to know.

That morning I was so excited I couldn't contain it. I had purposely scheduled the earliest appointment, 9:00 am, so I wouldn't have to wait all day. We left the house with plenty of time to get there early, etc, but traffic had other plans! We hit major traffic right as we were getting on the freeway to go around the point of the mountain.. and soon enough I saw the numbers 9:00 on the clock show up. I was a wreck! I called the Doctor's office and told them what was going on.. which they responded "okay well just get here as soon as you can. we can't hold your appointment".

Thankfully, traffic didn't hold us up for too much longer, and we got to the appointment only about 10 minutes late. I was a ball of stress!

We went into the little room, and the tech asked if she would be telling us the gender or putting it in an envelope.. We told her we were too excited to go through that process. She put the monitor on my belly, and the first thing she said was "well.. there is your little princess!" Ammon and I were both shocked and immediately asked what we were looking at (she seriously found the bum sooo quickly) and she explained everything and pointed out our little ones 'lady parts'. The tech then moved around, took all the baby's measurements.. to which all came back normal and right on track for our due date of May 17th. My favorite part was when she was trying to get a picture of baby's face, and little girl kept covering her face with her hands! I fell in love with her little fingers that she kept opening and closing all while hiding her sweet little face. She is my favorite little human ever.

Left: Frontal view of baby's face and her two little hands.
Right: baby's profile 
Later that night we headed to my parents house to share the news. My mom had decorated her house in pink and blue, made the cutest banner, and then cooked a dinner of all blue and pink foods. I brought over cupcakes that I had made at Sweet Tooth Fairy.. the inside was filled with frosting the color of the baby's gender, and the outside was plain with white frosting and pink and blue sprinkles. 

My mom frantically grabbed a cupcake and was so anxious to get the wrapping off so she could take a bite.. well when Chandler saw her so frantic he grabbed a cupcake and bit right into it without even unwrapping it! Soon enough his beard was covered in PINK frosting! My whole family was shocked because they all thought it was a boy!

Next we headed to Ammon's sister's house and gave them the cupcakes with the rest of his family on skype. Their reactions were priceless! So much commotion over the different phones, facetime, and skype. It was perfect!

I am really glad we didn't do the whole 'envelope' surprise type reveal. Ammon and I had our little secret and were able to sit and enjoy that awesome 18 week ultrasound of our sweet little girl! Even now just thinking about it makes me smile.


  1. Haley this was so fun to read! Our tech made us wait til the very end until she reached the "lady parts". I was a nervous wreck thinking we wouldn't find out! So happy for you guys. Little girls are seriously the best. The really are the sweetest ever.

  2. Love catching up on your blog!!! I miss my cute friend!!! So excited for you to be a mom. You are so cute pregnant too! xoxo


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