24 Weeks

These were taken today.. 24 weeks and 1 da
How far along: 24 weeks and one day :)

Size of the baby: a cantaloupe :)

Weight gain: about 15 ish pounds

Maternity clothes? yes! Maternity jeans frequent my wardrobe. I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans, but i have to do the 'elastic band trick' through the button hole. Sometimes I can get them buttoned but its really not worth the discomfort. I have two pairs of maternity jeans from H&M and am so glad I started wearing them.. they are my favorite pants! I haven't gotten any maternity shirts yet because I can make most of my shirts work still. I do need to get a few new skirts for church though..

Sleep: GREAT! I still don't have a problem sleeping. Some nights my mind races and wont stop thinking, but i just wipe on some Stress Away and Peace and Calming and I am out cold. I am lucky.. i dont wake up to pee.. and can sleep through the night comfortably. The only thing that sucks is rolling over! It is so surprising how fast your ab muscles disappear and it is even more surprising to realize all the things you can't do with out them! Rolling over is a beast and has turned into 'bouncing over in three steps'. Its quite hilarious and annoying.

Cravings: My cravings continue to change, and to be honest.. i haven't really had those "OH MY GOSH I GOTTA HAVE IT OR I AM GONNA KILL SOMEONE type craving yet. I went through a cheese kick.. i literally ate a cheese quesadilla, string cheese, and cheddar cheese chips everyday for lunch. Prettyyy gross now that I think about it. I still like hot wings, but other than that I feel like my appetite is pretty normal. I get random cravings here and there, but nothing too crazy. 

Baby movement? YES! Pretty much since week 20 I have been able to feel her a lot! This week in particular has been awesome because I can feel her ALL the time now. She and I are on a good schedule.. she is awake when I am falling asleep (which is SO fun laying in bed and watching my belly move around like crazy) and we usually wake up at the same time. It makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning cuz I just LOVE relaxing and feeling her every little jab and kick. There is the possibility that she is awake when I am sleeping, but I don't notice and can sleep through her movement. She is very active and I feel her all day as I work at my computer. Ammon actually felt her for the first time on Saturday!! He was so excited and I was so happy because the little stinker is stubborn with her daddy! Every time he puts his hand on my belly she stops kicking.. but finally we caught her in action and he felt a good hard KICK. He lit up and it was so cute and just so special.

Gender Prediction: GIRL

Challenges this week: This week has been so awesome! I haven't felt this good in so long... my lower back occasionally hurts, and my ribs are expanding, but I realized that I can somewhat control my rib pain by watching which foods I eat. 

Best moment this week: Finally having Ammon be able to feel her move. I will never forget that experience.. his face light up and he said.. "I just felt that!"... it has happened a few times since and I love it every time.

Nursery: NO GO. haha I am struggling big time. I cannot decide what I want. I thought I had decided and then ammon wasn't super fond of my idea.. so I am back to the drawing board. haha! Compromise is the best policy right? Whatever we do I am sure we will both end up loving it. We move this weekend so once we are settled into our new place construction will start :)

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