I've got issues

Guys. I dont know what it is but I have got issues lately. Things like:

>not being able to freaking finish a project with out getting bored and moving on to the next thing. I have like 10 blog posts that are saved in my drafts folder.. yeahhhh
>crying at anything that is somewhat spiritual. Bawled my way through all 3 hrs of church like 3 weeks in a row now.
>I worry about Ammon all the time. Like I always worry when he is driving or traveling.. maybe i am just getting more and more attached to him that I worry about his every move! NOT healthy.
>I am so paranoid living in our apartment.. for no reason at all. I check the doors are locked like 5 times a day. OCD maybe
> I can't stop thinking and dreaming of vacations.. anywhere warm and sunny with a beach will do. Lake Powell even counts. Anyone want to let me tag along with you this summer? ;)

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