I missed Am's Birthday....

Pretty much i am the worst! I didn't even post for Am's birthday. He turned 26 in February! What the crap. I met ammon a few months before his 22nd birthday? how is he 26?!

I debated and debated for a long time what I should get ammon for his birthday. Since starting his new job his dress code changed as well, so i knew i should get him some dress shirts and new pants. But k, how lame is that?.. girls get excited over stuff like that, but boys.. not so much. Plus i feel like all i ever buy ammon is clothes. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, and he said "just like get me some tickets to a game or something".... okay best idea ever. So i found some tickets to the Jazz vs Heat game through a friend and was soo excited to give them to him! I also went ahead and got him some new shirts and shoes (boring). It was the best because i gave the tickets to him last and he was SO surprised. Like I dont think I will ever be able to top that gift.

We went to the game with Jess and Evan and we had a blast. Our tickets were in the nose bleeds but the game was awesome! Ammon said he had a great birthday and I am so glad! I dont know why but i always get so worked up over birthdays and holidays and parties and making sure that everything goes perfectly.. so it is nice that Ammon is SO NOT like that. He calms me down and grounds me when I go crazy on stuff like this. Just one of the many reasons i love that man! So glad he was born 26 years ago! :)

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