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I am a terrible blogger. A lot has happened but not a lot has changed. A quick update via pics will suffice for now..

I headed to Seattle (and Cali, New Mexico, and Denver) for work earlier this month and absolutely fell in love with the city. I had the best salmon i have ever had.. and that's saying something for someone who doesnt like seafood.

I found the cutest shoes at Nike.. originally 130.. marked to 44. SO mad i had to pass them up considering i had just washed my 5 pairs of frees the week before. Which then let ammon on to how many pairs of nike's i have (8). eek.

I survived my business trip as a presenter! BIG WAhOO! Presented in four states in four days and had a great time. I. LOVE. MY. JOB.
normally i would never post a selfie, but this was a monumental day!! i had to show my mom my outfit

I ordered my first swimsuit of the season. I thought i was 'over' chevron.. and then i bought this. I don't regret it, but i do regret not working out for the past few months. (can you say eek) :)

I have however rediscovered my love for hot yoga. I got a groupon for a studio up here and have loved going.  It makes me feel so refreshed afterwards!

I won $100 bucks at work.. within 10 minutes of me getting off work i had spent it on skirts and such at jcrew. I justify it since i wear skirts practically everyday and you can never have too many presenting outfits.

I tried Bountiful Baskets for the first time ever. Best thing of my life (hypothetically speaking of course).. YOU ALL SHOULD DO THIS!

My mom and I started a new adventure selling jewelry. My mom is a consultant and basically i just help her at her parties and such. The necklaces are to die for! If you want to host a party let me know. :) there are incentives offered for hosting one.

Last weekend I officially finished organizing the apartment. LOVE the little vanity hutch thing ammon got me for christmas.. it looks perfect in our bathroom.

It has officially been two years since Am and I got engaged. CRAZYYY talk. I loved that day so much and can't believe we are coming up on our two year anni!

ALSO.. our room went from this:

....................................................................................................To this:

I finally got a chance to clean up.. and i hung my timeline canvases up and I LOVE them. I order all my canvases from Fabness.com.. they rock!

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