If you doubt essential oils, read this...

Two nights ago Am and I went out to dinner with my fam at a little Mexican restaurant in Draper called La Hacienda. [ps They have the best chips and salsa] Anyway I love this place, and had the yummiest chimichanga and enchilada ever. After, we went home and went to bed.

Well a few hours later.. at like 1:00 in the morning I woke up sweating! Like serious sweat here people. I also felt as though I was going to throw up.. we all know that feeling. You start salivating, you get the chills, you can literally feel the food in your throat.. Yeah that is how I felt. And add onto that your stomach rolling like the ocean in a storm.. and well yeah I thought I for sure got a bad case of food poisoning, or just like normal, my stomach was acting up.. but in a more serious manner (I have the worst stomach ever). NOT GOOD. This feeling was instant as soon as I woke up. I laid in bed for awhile debating what to do.. And after a good 15-20 minutes of some serious dry heaving I decided to go to the kitchen and take some oils. (sorry about the graphic nature of this post.. but you have to understand.. I was sickkkk)

I instantly grabbed my oil ‘Digize’ (this oil is probably used the most at my house) and rubbed it all over my stomach and put a drop in my belly button. Then I grabbed peppermint and did the same thing with it. I took my enzyme supplement (essentialzymes 4) and grabbed a bag of my antioxidant drink (ningxia Nitro). Next, I put a small amount of water in a glass and put in a drop of Digize and a drop of Thieves (thieves is a good oil for cleaning), and I chugged it! I’ll be honest it tasted like crap but I was so desperate. (I hateeeee throwing up).

I then headed straight back to bed. And within 5 minutes my stomach was calm, I was no longer sweating, and I fell right back to sleep. MIRACLE people. I didn’t throw up OR go to the bathroom, and I woke up the next morning feeling relatively great. I KNOW this is because of my oils. I didn’t take or do anything else to help me soo yeah. Oils are awesome and this is just the beginning of why oils are so great. Also i still love La Hacienda.. no one else got sick so it must have been my body reacting to something I ate. As i said, i have a bad stomach.

I also promise I am not JUST going to talk about oils on my blog. Am and I still love each other and love other things.. not just oils. I am really going to be better about blogging!

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  1. I love oils, soooo much! I flew home from Arizona last night and two ladies put some oil on to prevent motion sickness, I swear just the smell made the whole flight less stressful!


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