Happy Birthday ya old man!

For some reason I love this picture so it had to be included.
Today is this handsome man's 25th birthday. Doesn't 25 just sound soo old? ......

Instead of boring you with 25 reason why I loveeee Ammon so much, let's just go with some random facts about my cute husband of mine:

1. He is constantly working on figuring out random ways to make easy money. He has earned $70 bucks from playing/using certain apps on his ipod. (And no, he does NOT play them 24/7--he's not an ipod nerd).

2. He is quite the little book worm. He loves to read and attends the library every other week  for new books.

3. He has the best memory ever. He can remember every detail of our first date, the score to his little league baseball championship (and his stats), and somehow he remembers what day all of our different bills are due. It's a talent I tell you.

4. He is a really 'clean' boy. The majority of the messes around our house are MY fault. 

5. He loves food more than anything (besides his wife). A good meal literally makes his day--which is why he chose to eat at Outback Steakhouse tonight.. and he ordered a filet and lobster combo. No worries, he ate the whole thing! This man LOVES his food!

Sorry you are probably getting sick of hearing about why I am so crazy about him, but there is no guarantee these posts will stop anytime soon.. especially since next week is Valentines day! .....Happy Birthday Babe! I hope it was the best one yet, seriously can't wait to spend 100 more with you!

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  1. tell your man happy birthday for me! WHAT?! you can make money using apps?! i so want in on that.


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