Airport thoughts

Welp i have been sitting here for the past 5 hours.. here being the London airport, and i have had quite a bit of time to think. This post is a little look into the mind of Haley Hansen in the last couple hours, and might i also add.. i still have 4 more until i can board my flight. yay.

Why do people think it is acceptable to walk around airports barefoot? i mean i understand the whole security check point jazz.. but seriously! people. keep your shoes on. i dont want to stare at your nasty feet. Oh and also.. picking the lint out from between your toes is also completely unacceptable! gag me.

guessing where people are from is quite a fun game. even though i never muster up the courage to ask them, i am pretty sure that i have been right 100% of the time.

This stupid ding dong alert noise for announcements gets old after the first 3 times you hear it. It reminds me of the movie Grease when the lady dings the little bell before she makes the morning announcements. I laugh. If i could be the bell ringer i think the people of this airport would be a lot more amused.

This "charging station" is a piece of crap. Half the time it works. Half the time it doesn't.

I want to sleep but i am so scared i will sleep through my flight. .... 4 hours away? i have issues.

So sad to have left Kenya. It is a place i thought i would only visit once. I have now made friends, and maintained relationships that i can't even wait to go back again.

Feeling extremely blessed to have the gospel in my life. out of the thousands of people in this airport i might be the only one with the whole truth.

Missed the brother opening his mission call. Guatemala City North mission. How sweet. His shaking voice as he was opening the call over the phone was the most adorable thing i have ever heard.

Obsessed with Carrie Underwood's cd this past few weeks. love her. Oh and He is We. Love them too.

Can't wait to see my cute little cousins and family in Italy. If only this flight would hurry the freak up.

Ben will be in America in 3 days. I will see him in 9. i am full of so many emotions its impossible to explain. Hopefully i will talk to him before we see each other.

Cafe Rio sounds AMAZING. I am so hungry for good food! ....maybe i should get food.. but spending 15 bucks on lunch does not sound appealing.

Kali had ankle surgery while i was gone.. i wonder how our room looks?

Slightly still mad at the security lady who took my travel sized bottle of contact solution. How could i manage to get through security 4 other times with it.. but suddenly it isnt ok? anger.

Saddened that my sorority has called quits. Not quite sure on the details but the First Presidency made the decision so it must be right. still sad though.

So excited for Ute football games. Scottie and i couldnt stop talking about it this whole trip!

my traps are killing me. i think all this stress has finally caught up with me!... i get this issue from my mother.

i am craving a good run right now. hahah maybe i will take a lap around my row of chairs. next to this blasted charging station!

Laughing at the thought of our hotel in nairobi. Next to a legit African night club. Now that is a story for another time.

Amazed by the fact that i legit kissed a GIRAFFE. wanna see...? later for sure. it's on fb people. but i will post it for you followers i dont know. :)

And how about a pack of lions cuddling up to our safari van? incredible. that vid will come soon too.

...For now i am done. but soon enough you will hear all my stories from Africa and Italy. These few pics can hold you over until then. i hope all is well back in the good ol U.S. of A!

the darling children at Mundichiri primary school

Kissin the giraffe..  you're jealous i know

spending time with the Masai men. amazing.

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