1 month!!!!!!!

Have it be known that today marks ONE month until i get to see dear elder Woolf. I have to say.. amidst all the chaos and total craziness of getting ready to go to Kenya, i can hardly focus. I am just so excited. i feel like two years worth of trying not to think about him coming home is definitely hitting me right now. hahah it is driving me crazy! 23:1 is the ratio now.. that seems doable right? Let me just say this.. going to back to Kenya will be my saving grace for the next month!!

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  1. Hey you don't know me, I got the link from your post in Waiting for a Missionary! I am so happy that your boy is home now :) I love the picture in this post, I think I know his companion, is it Elder Russon? I went to school with him! Such a small world :)


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