Sister Conrow and BFF Haley

Well well well.. it seems as though i now have yet another missionary to write. i swear this list is never ending! just when i though i was going to be done writing particular... i get to add another one to the list. This time i will be addressing my letters as 'Dear SISTER Conrow" instead of the usual 'Dear Elder so and soo'. I couldnt be more proud of this girl and i am so excited for her to serve in the Independence  Missouri Mission! Anyone know anyone else serving there? I love Paige and she is going to be the most amazing missionary!
The roommates of 6J... Whit. paige. Min. Hay.

Just ignore whit creepin in the window..

Now on to my next little bit of sad news.. my dear best friend Haley Dutson moved to Denver this week. It's a good thing we hit up 80's dancing for our last hoo-rah until August. Equipped with the overalls and all! Summer really isnt going to be the same with out her! This week has already been wayyyy tooooo slowwwww. But she is growing up and doing a sweet internship at a pharmacy up there. She is little miss smarty pants and will be applying to pharmacy school this fall! So cool.

In other Happy news! i leave for Kenya in one week. Can you say hello London, Kenya, and Italy?? WAYYY TOO EXCITED RIGHT NOW.

Just so. so. so. busy.

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