Happy Thanksgiving to all! Well being that it is November, i have to admit that i have been super self centered lately and haven't really thought too much about what i am grateful for. It seems as though Thanksgiving has absolutely snuck up on me this year and for that i am grateful! 

I am grateful no particular order...

my family (near or far)
Oquirrh Mountain Temple Dedication with the Hansen side of the family.
The day chan got home! not the best picture but still...

my amazzzing friends 
(seriously i have the best friends in the world)

Brookie's wedding
Cody's Homecoming

an education

Utah Football game
my health and the ability to exercise 

wakeboarding summer '10

 My Siblings

on the beach of Cabo San Lucas
my parents
How adorable are they?
a lovely boy in Africa 
(who is now at the 17 month mark eeek!)
Mistaaa Benjamin :) 
my old roommates 
Best group of girls i could have ever lived with.
my talents 
Dixie Soccer 2008
The opportunity i had to go to Kenya
Visiting the Village of the Masai people
My experience at Dixie and my wonderful friends down there
Shooting on the AZ strip
Halloween with the team back in 2008
my cell phone
my comfortable bed
my car and excess means of transportation
and the most important..
My Savior and the blessing of His gospel in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! :)

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