Yee-Haa! Ω

This past weekend Omega had its barn dance! it was so fun getting all dressed up like a cowgirl and hanging out with so many friends. I love my Omega girls! it was a great night full of dancing, laughing, singing, and everything in between.
Cody, Haley, Josh, Kim, Lacey, TJ
 There were two other sororities that joined in on the fun..It was so fun seeing my dear friend Lindsey Canfield.. a Beta girl!

Lindsey and i grew up in the same ward. We use to play power rangers together when we were little!
Kim, and Lacey
Gotta love these boys! We had a great time square dancing, and talking hickish all night. Cody even brought a can of 'chew'...ok not really it was just beef jerky.
Good ol Cody and Joshua. Go beetdiggers :)
We had yummy quesadillas and lemonade for din din!
There were sooo many people at the barn that there was literally no room to eat..and for that matter dance! 
We finished the night off with some pictures and ish.

After the dance we went to Tj's house where i beat Cody in ping pong 21-7. (who cares if he spotted me 10 points at the beginning of the game?...his fault right?) But the sad news is.. i lost the next two games 19-21, and 22-24. sooo gay. Still a way fun night!

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