Halloween weekend was so great!
Brayden, craig, jess, jaimie, haley, allie, nate, lacey, jake, juli, tracy, ammon, jason.
My mother did her traditional scones and soup night.. all my friends came! I cant even explain how much fun we had reminiscing on high school and all the funny drama that we went through! 

Easton's crew dressed up as construction workers.. any excuse to be shirtless right?

Cody raymond.. kinda a big deal back in the day. Just got home from his mission in New York.
Even Cody Raymond showed up. So great having some of my friends back!

These boys just make me laugh
I was pleasantly surprised that these boys dressed up.. lookin good.

Ammon, haley, Natalie, and Adam
On Friday Am and I went up to Logan to visit his sister and brother in law. They had a little Halloween party at their house where we carved pumpkins, ate, and played some Mario Kart. So fun seeing them! I stayed at Dutsons apartment that night.. and i can honestly say it was so fun waking up the next morning to.. "hay i am so happy you are here! Good morning!" hahah she is the best.

way awesome costumes.
Our costumes were sweet.. and dont worry.. i even made my referee shirt myself. Painted it and all! sweet right?

Halloween weekend was a success! I got to see all my closest friends and spend time with the family. Now we have another great weekend to look forward to.. TCU vs. Utah game on saturday! and Jordan vs. Cottonwood on friday! bring on the football games!!

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