Cruise anyone?

Over Christmas break my whole family had the opportunity to go on a short 5 day cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was so fun to be with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins on the Tucker side of the family. I wouldn't have traded the time spent for anything. It was sooo nice to finally get to spend some much needed time relaxing with my family.

There were too many pictures to upload all of my favorites, so sorry the pics are soo small. hopefully you get the idea of what we spent our time doing. :)

This is the first day we were on the boat.. it seemed like it took forever to finally get to San Diego. By the time we got on the boat i was soo worn out!

The second day on the ship was a day at sea. we spent our time playing ping pong, laying by the pool, and exploring the ship.

Finally we made it to Cabo! The only crappy thing was that is rained the whole time we were there! Bummer! It wasn't cold though so we grinned and bared the flooded streets and the slippery sidewalks. --you are probably wondering why Easton's hair is slicked back like it is.. Oh goll this boy loved surprising grandma on formal night with that lovely hair do.

The second day in Cabo was a completely different story! It was warm and soo sunny! thank goodness. We rented some jet ski's for the day.. and after kali, me, and chan got stranded in the middle the ocean (literally.. we tipped over and the key to the jet ski flew off Chans wrist..) we decided that it was probably time to take a "glass bottom boat" taxi drive around the coast of cabo. Ahh Lovers Beach was BEAUTIFUL!

The rest of the week seems like a blur.. but reguardless of what we spent our time doing, i was seriously just so grateful that i was with the ones i love most.. my lovely family :)

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