1/4 seems pretty big right?

As most of you probably know.. i got to talk to my cute little Elder Woolf on Christmas Eve.. Which also happened to be his 6 month mark! crazy i know! I dont think i could have asked for a better present.. it was exactly what i needed and i am so grateful that the Woolf's shared their special call with me.

The Tuesday before Christmas i had been having such a bad day.. nothing seemed to be going right and everything was just so crappy. It's days like these when i especially miss Ben.. cuz seriously he was the one person that could always make things seem alright. Well.. long story short i was going out with my girlfriends for our gift exchange when i got a text from my mom that said "There is a beautiful bouquet of flowers here addressed to you.." instantly i replied.."are you kidding me? from who?".. At this point i am freakin out because there was absolutely no one that would send me flowers.. the thought didnt even cross my mind who they were actually from. She called me and read me the note that was attached...

"Haley, Merry Christmas from Mozambique! I am thankful for you, be happy and know that i am thinking about you and that i love you!
love your elder,
Elder Benjamin Trevor Woolf"

To say the least i teared up, and seriously everything at that moment seemed to be ok. Isnt it crazy how from the other side of the world he can still tell just what i need, and when i need it? Ahh i love the dang boy! Then two days later i got to talk to him, and lets just say he is doing amazing! i couldn't be more grateful for such a strong example of love, obedience, and courage! He is so happy and absolutely loving Mozambique. I am so proud of his decision to serve a mission and i cant believe how lucky of a girl i am!

This is definitely a time when i wish flowers could live forever....


  1. Hay I LOVE IT! He is so dang cute! Hope you're hanging in there! I'd love to do lunch with you sometime or dinner! Keep in touch girly! XOXO

  2. oh my haley those flowers are beautiful! i'm so happy ben is doing well! he's a lucky guy & you're a lucky gal for suuure.


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